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Do you need your 5th Wheel Trailer Towing Service transported to from one location to another in Cedar Rapids?  We are offering to do various types of towing including open trailer, box trailer, and 5th wheel trailer towing services also. We are from A1 Towing Of Cedar Rapids known for fast and professional towing services in Cedar Rapids. Call us today for Costs and free estimates.



If you have a 5th wheel camper RV trailer and you need it relocated to and from anywhere in Cedar Rapids IOWA, we can transport your 5th wheel for you. We are licensed, insured and well equipped with the tools. As your vehicle is our first priority for us. Our 5th wheel trailer service team is highly professional and trained for these purposes only.

Anywhere you can get to, we can get you out! As a four-wheeling with fool myself when younger, but now after growing it has become the 5th wheel for which our preference is to give you pointers about tools and techniques for digging yourself out of a mess anyhow. The team of 5th wheel trailer service would be just there in a moment. We are just a call away from you.

A1 Towing Of Cedar Rapids can assist you with 5th wheel trailer service. We provide 5th wheel trailer service 24/7 for customers in and around Cedar Rapids IOWA who are carried away with their 5th wheel and looking for a towing service. Call us at any time if you need a tow your trailer or need a roadside assistance.

You should know exactly what your truck or vehicle used for towing can manage because precautions are better than cure. Every vehicle is different, but going over that weight limit could have disastrous effects on your transmission.  And if you are stuck in any of this kind of situation then we are happy to help you with our 5th wheel trailer service.  Don’t forget to take into consideration anything you’ve loaded into your RV, which will add to the weight, and therefore your tow weight will increase but our team can handle that and get you back on the road. Contact us if you need the services of our 5th wheel trailer service in Cedar Rapids.



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    If your battery is low, getting your car jump started will give the battery enough power to get you to your next location. Sometimes a battery is so dead that it will not start the battery and it requires a tow truck.

    Towing Cost Estimator

    Before giving you a price, tow truck service companies will factor into your towing rates:

    • How far they must tow the truck,
    • How large of a car you have to tow,
    • How difficult it is to get the vehicle onto the tow truck (if it’s muddy or on a steep slope), and
    • The time of day.


    Do I Ride with the Tow Truck Driver?


    In most incidents, yes, motorists elect to ride in the cab of the tow truck. However, you are free to make other arrangements if desired.


    How Will I Know That the Tow Truck Driver is the One That I Called and That I Can Trust Him?


    After the dispatch agent collects your vehicle information, dispatch of a provider from the network will occur. Once confirmed, you will receive a call, text or email (agent will ask which method you prefer) advising you of the name and phone number of the provider who will be arriving in a properly signed truck so you can verify.


    Are the Tow Truck Drivers Licensed?


    Yes, and they are fully certified based on our roadside provider’s stringent application process.


    Do Tow Truck Drivers Need a Special License or Special Training?


    In most jurisdictions, a special license is required. All providers are specifically trained in the proper techniques of towing your vehicle.


    Are There Different Types of Tow Trucks?

    Yes, most tows are performed using flatbed trucks and/or “wheel lift” equipment depending on the situation, including type of mechanical breakdown, location and orientation of the vehicle.


    My Car is all-Wheel Drive, So does it require a Flatbed Tow Truck?


    In most instances a flatbed is required. The agents and providers are aware of these requirements and are trained to utilize the proper tow equipment for the type of vehicle you drive.


    If My Car Has an Automatic Transmission, Can it be towed with the Drive Wheels on the Ground?


    Each vehicle maker publishes individual towing guidelines which can typically be found in the vehicle owner’s manual. The roadside assistance provider works directly with the manufacturers to build towing specific technical documents that are distributed and available to all Towing Companies 24/7.


    With So Many Makes and Models, How Do You Remember Each Vehicle’s Towing Procedure?


    These providers perform millions of tons per year and are well experienced, trained and have online tools available with all the information required for your car.


    Is Towing Rough On My Car?


    When towed according to manufacturer’s guidelines, there is no harm in towing your vehicle.


    My Car is lowered – Can it Still Be Towed?


    The service provider will advise you after visibly looking at your vehicle. In most instances they will have ramp equipment that will aid in providing necessary clearance.


    What Kind of Vehicles Can Be Towed?


    Passenger vehicles and light trucks are included in this program. Motorcycles, heavy-duty trucks and commercial vehicles are not part of the program.


    Can you tow motorcycles?


    No, motorcycles are not included in this program.

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